Bend Your Mind

by Elysian Fields

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released December 31, 2000



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bend Your Mind
Let me bend your mind
Just give up your body
If you give it a try
Know you won't be sorry
Filling inside turn you outside
Find you shining
Spanning acres crashing breakers
Can be blinding
Ride sweet smelling ride
Your shoulder blades like sails
And your mouth my rosary
That terrifies my tail
The feral dance of infinity
Limbs are singing velvet stinging
Seashell pining
Dripping sapling nature grappling
Tear the binding wide
Spread so wide
I wanna hear you sigh
Just give me your body
I want to see it in the light
Surrender to debauchery
Bend your mind dear
Now your mine dear
Earth is grinding
Keep on beaming
Are we dreaming are we dying
Ride sweet smelling ride
Ride sweet swelling ride
On the verge dear, as we merge dear
Now we're flying
Sacred balling so enthralling
Ride to the other side
Til we're sanctified
On the verge dear, as we merge dear
Now we're flying
Sacred balling so enthralling
Minds are bending happy ending
Silver lining
Ride, Ride
Track Name: Lie Low
You don't come out
You're alone as you tremble
I want you to be mine
But you hide and you're hidden
It's inside where you're living
You lie low
Though there's no protection
From my love
From the rack
Why won't you come out tonight
You lie low
In between you and me
A smokescreen
That's all I see
Give up your fears
Taste the verge of my equator
I need you to be mine
But you're blind in your blizzard
Come inside for asylum
You lie low
Track Name: Oyster
Squeeze a lemon
Lips explode
My love is slippery
Watch me glow
Rest on shell beds
Cool blue ice
Feel love coming
Gonna down it whole
It's nice and yummy
Plump and salty
You make me sing
Don't look for pearls
Cause you're my king
Can't wait to swallow
Love comes quick
Taste you inside
You're so slick and yummy